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Tailored Packages to Match Your Business Needs, Whether Virtual or Physical.

Best Value

Business Address in Office building



Every month

Your business receives a standard address such as: 1135 Pasadena Ave S, South Pasadena, FL 33707

Valid until canceled

Best Value

Unique Business Address



Every month

Your business gets a unique office number: 1135 Pasadena Ave S, Suite 205, South Pasadena, FL 33707.

Valid until canceled

Why choose a virtual office?


Easily upgrade or change services based on business needs without the hassle of changing physical locations.

Professional Image

Provides a prestigious address without the expense of a prime location lease.

Global Presence

Allows businesses to have addresses in multiple cities or countries, enhancing their market reach.


Virtual Offices

Your Complete Starting Kit

In addition to providing you with an immediate business address, our seasoned on-site team can efficiently manage your mail and warmly welcome your guests at reception. You can also make swift and convenient workspace or meeting room bookings through our user-friendly app.

- Prime City Location
- Instantly Establish a Professional Business Address
- Reception Excellence: Our professional receptionists ensure a warm welcome for your guests
- Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts from global suppliers for your business needs
- 24/7 Customer Support: We're here to assist you around the clock.

Tailored Business Services

Beyond a professional business address, our packages offer the flexibility to select the services that suit your business needs. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere with complimentary access to our global network of business lounges. You can also access office space, coworking areas, or meeting rooms as required. We'll take care of your mail forwarding and handle your business calls as well.

  • Mail Handling: Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand mail forwarding.

  • Telephone Services: Opt for pay-as-you-use or unlimited calls from your business line.

  • Phone Number Choice: Select between regional or national business phone numbers.

  • Administrative Support: Access administrative assistance.

  • Call Answering: Professional call answering services.

  • Office or Coworking Space: Use office or coworking space when it suits your schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Offices

If your question hasn't been addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to assist you. 

Consult with a specialist   +1 (813) 867-4429

Is a Virtual Office a Physical Workspace? A virtual office is not a dedicated full-time workspace for your business. Our virtual office packages allow you to officially register your business at one of our prestigious locations, granting your company a prominent address. It's important to note that all our business addresses are associated with physical workplaces.

Need a Physical Workspace? If you require physical workspace, you can opt for a virtual office package, which includes access to our extensive global network of business lounges. With our Virtual Office Plus package, you can utilize an office or coworking desk for up to five days per month. Alternatively, our office or coworking memberships offer unlimited access to private offices or coworking spaces as needed.

Mail Forwarding Frequency Our mail forwarding service allows you to receive your mail on a schedule of your choice, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, eliminating the need for in-person mail collection.

Professional Phone Answering With our phone answering service, our skilled receptionists will answer incoming calls on behalf of your company, using your company name. They can transfer calls to you or take messages as needed. If an unexpected visitor arrives, they will inform the visitor of your absence for the day.

Benefits of Office or Coworking Membership By combining an office or coworking membership with your virtual office package, you gain the flexibility to work from any of our workspaces for up to five or ten days per month, or you can choose unlimited access. Booking a coworking desk or private office is effortless through our user-friendly app, allowing you to work where and when it suits you

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